International Society for Research on Identity

Formerly the Society for Research on Identity Formation


About ISRI

International and multidisciplinary, the International Society for Research on Identity (formerly the Society for Research on Identity Formation) provides a forum for identity theorists and researchers around the globe to share their ideas and findings regarding the problems and prospects of human self-definition. The unifying theme of the Society is “identity” in its various manifestations throughout the life course. Identity issues transcend national, political, and cultural boundaries, taking on global proportions. The Society seeks to provide a forum in which theoretical and research analysis find practical applications in dealing with identity processes and problems.

Membership is invited and encouraged from all fields using a full range of methodologies to provide multiple bridges, across nations and disciplines, and between theory and research. The Society’s goal is to provide a nonpartisan forum within which identity researchers from a variety of areas can communicate their findings and stay apprised of the findings of others, especially among those who use different technical vocabularies.


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