SRIF has been an intellectual home to many of us for the past two decades. My first experiences date back to 1994 in San Diego when, just before my debate with Al Waterman about the merits of the identity status paradigm, we all introduced ourselves around the table. When I introduced myself, there were audible gasps and chuckles from those who apparently saw me as an outsider. My marginal status to “the group” did not last long after that debate, which I believe helped to confirm the potential of the identity status approach in conjunction with fresh, interdisciplinary ideas. The following year, in the magical setting of Dog Island, relationships were cemented that have lasted since. The annual meetings have subsequently provided venues for respectful exchanges among colleagues who agree on the importance of identity research while disagreeing about how best to approach that research. Going forward, the ISRI promises to provide an ideal community of identity scholars who value scientific inquiry and discovery.

James Côté, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology at The University of Western Ontario
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