ISRI 2024 Conference Program

ISRI 30th Anniversary Conference
June 5-7
LocHal and Tilburg University,
Tilburg, The Netherlands


General Conference Schedule

June 5th, 2024: Pre-conference Event for graduate students and Evening Reception.

June 6th, 2024: Full Day of Conference Events, including Invited Speech and Paper Sessions, and Conference Dinner (Optional; Separate Ticket)

June 7th, 2024: Full Day of Conference Events, including Invited Speech and Paper Sessions, and Evening Social Event (Optional; Separate Ticket)

Invited Program

Keynote Speaker: Oana Negru-Subtirica – Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania

Plenary Speaker: Laura Baams – University of Groningen, The Netherlands

30th Anniversary Speaker: Steven L. Berman – University of Central Florida, USA

Presidential Address: Kazumi Sugimura – Hiroshima University, Japan

30th Anniversary Special Program

For this 30th Anniversary Conference, we are excited to offer a series of special programs!

● Short messages from ISRI’s founding members
We will have short messages from ISRI’s founding members for this anniversary conference.

● 30th Anniversary Speech
A researcher who has been an ISRI member for many years will provide valuable insights into ISRI’s past, present, and future.

Speaker: Steven L. Berman – University of Central Florida, USA

● Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research. Its Origins, Present, and Future
Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research is the flagship journal of the International Society for Research on Identity-ISRI (formerly the Society for Research on the Identity Formation, SRIF). Launched in 2001, the journal has become, over time, a reference point for identity researchers. In this session, former editors of the journal, together with the current editor-in-chief and associate editors, will discuss the journal’s origins and its development. In an open discussion with other editorial board members and the audience, ideas for future initiatives will be considered.

Chair: Elisabetta Crocetti – University of Bologna, Italy (Editor-in-Chief)

Guido Alessandri – Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (Associate editor)
Renee Galliher – Utah State University, USA (Past editor)
Oana Negru-Subtirica – Babes-Bolyai University, Romania (Associate editor)
Kazumi Sugimura – Hiroshima University, Japan (Associate editor)
Alan Waterman – The College of New Jersey, USA (Past editor)

● Historical Panel: Influential Articles in the Past 30 Years
Each of the three panelists will select a particularly influential article published in the field of identity research over the past 30 years, show what the impact of that work was on the development of our discipline, and justify why they chose that particular article. You will then have the opportunity to discuss the legacy and future of identity research with the panelists and other audience members!

Elli Schachter – Bar Ilan University, Israel
Moin Syed – University of Minnesota, USA
Elizabeth Morgan – Springfield College, USA


The Reception on Wednesday, Breakfast, Lunch, and Coffee Breaks on conference days (Thursday and Friday) are all included in the conference registration fee. The conference dinner is tentatively scheduled for Thursday (June 6th), and the social events are tentatively scheduled for Friday (June 7th) respectively. Tickets for the conference dinner and social events are required, with more information coming soon!