Area Hotels

Tilburg is an incredibly walkable city; from the main train station (Tilburg Central) and LocHal (the conference venue), the city center can be reached within 15 minutes. Several hotel options are available within walking distance from the LocHal and close to the city center. At this stage, attendees can make arrangements to stay at a different hotel in the city.

Hotels within walking distance from the Conference Venue:

Hotels within cycling distance from the Conference Venue:

  • Bastian Hotel (approximately a 10-minutes bike ride and a 35-minutes walk) and Van der Valk Hotel (approximately a 15-minute bike ride) both have excellent options but are somewhat further out from the conference venue and city centre.
  • Auberge du Bonheur (approximately a 15-minute bike ride from the conference venue) is situated near Tilburg University (approximately a 16-minute walk from Tilburg University) and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

Other accommodation options are available via Booking or Airbnb, within walking, bus, and cycle distance from the conference venue.