Flights: Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) is the best choice for an airport. It is 2 hours by train from Groningen (see below).

Groningen Airport Eelde is close, but very small. It is 15 minutes by bus to Groningen.  It has a regular connection to Copenhagen, and may be useful for people from Scandinavia and for people who can get a direct flight to Copenhagen but not to Amsterdam. German airports have no easy train connection with Groningen.

From Schiphol to Groningen (and back): The train is the best way to travel to Groningen. There are trains from Schiphol to Groningen (and back) every half hour.  The cost is €25,80 (single way).  The easiest way to get a ticket is to buy a Single ticket (e-ticket) online. Information about schedules and purchasing can be found here:

Purchases can also be made via this website:

The train from Schiphol to Groningen without a transfer leaves from platform 1-2 every 3 minutes past the whole hour and the train with one transfer leaves every 33 minutes past the whole hour. The transfer in Zwolle is on the same platform (platform 7 > 6). The train from Groningen to Schiphol leaves from the station every 18 min (1 transfer) and every 48 min (without transfer) past the whole hour.

For people who want to rent a car: in the Netherlands the default is hand gearing, if you want to rent an automatic car, you have to ask for it.

Timing your travel: The conference will begin the evening of Thursday, May 18th at 6pm with an informal reception at the New Hampshire Hotel. The program begins the morning of Friday, May 19th with our traditional Roundtable session at 9am. Presentations will continue through the evening of Saturday, May 20th. We will conclude the conference with a Sunday morning (9-11am) informal discussion among delegates and professional development session. Lunch and dinner on Friday and Lunch on Saturday will be provided as part of your registration cost. We encourage you to purchase tickets for our annual banquet to be held on Saturday evening. Breakfast can be purchased through the hotel and will not be provided by ISRI.

Hotel Accommodations: Information about hotel accommodations can be found here.