Social Event

As a social event, ISRI offers an exciting experience at the Tilburg Brewery on Friday June 7th.
Enjoy the interaction with ISRI members and the Tilburg beer!

  • Timing: 
    1. 6:00pm: Closing the conference
    2. 6:30pm: Depart the LocHal
    3. 6:35pm: Arrive at LOC Brewery
    4. 6:40pm: Beer tasting begins
    5. 7:30pm: Beer tasting ends
    6. 7:30pm: (optional) Dinner
  • Content:
    1. The brewery is located about 300 meters from the LocHal, which takes about 3 minutes to walk.
    2. The brewery offers a tasting of 4 beers per person.
    3. Dinner is also available at the same location after the beer tasting. ISRI does not arrange the dinner and participants pay for their own dinner.
    4. Alcohol-free beer is also available for those who do not like alcohol. Please specify when applying.
  • Cost (optional dinner fee not included):
    1. Professionals: $20
    2. Students: $16
    *The content of the social events is the same, although the prices are different for professionals and students.
  • Application: Please click Here for application.
    To make a reservation at the brewery, please complete the application by May 5th.

Please direct questions about social events to:
Byron Adams –
Lisanne de Moor –

Other information

In addition to the above, you will be able to experience a variety of valuable activities in Tilburg.
ISRI does not arrange these, but we encourage you to enjoy them before or after the conference!